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Data Protection Training Centre has been the leading provider of IT and business skills training for corporations. With the futuristic technologies, the platform also offers classroom, virtual, and self-paced training in a wide variety of formats to match todays learner’s needs.

Our Story

DPTC is an innovative and determined training institute for the ambitious youth of Saudi Arabia. DPTC designs, develops and delivers along with training on hundreds of IT topics such as ALM, Cloud Computing, IATAM, Business Analytics and Data Management Enterprise Architecture and Mainframe. DPTC has the workforce with extensive experience that were acquired through several years of engagement in the industry. DPTC is among the contributors who shape tomorrow's technology standards in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. DPTC is supplied with recognised ability to deliver services and solutions that are tailored to fit the unique needs of an organisation. DPTC’s top priority is to build and maintain partnerships with distinguished international partners and standards which helps to build and deliver bespoke solutions. Trust, Integrity and Teamwork are the values upon which we built our growth and success, and which we live and work by.

CEO Message

What Data Protection Training Centre offers isn’t just a set of course. What we witness is the cliché as follows. A typical course, then an exam, the candidate is certified. But the essential part is applying that knowledge. Which most of the candidates wouldn’t practice knowledge after being certified. It isn’t the candidate’s fault because the candidate wouldn’t get a chance to practice thereafter. But what DPTC offers is a unique and innovative way of training. Which would not only progress the taken course but it allows the candidate to be equipped with accredited assessment from the bare basics to the advanced level if needed. I truly believe that people are ready for an impact in Information Technology. DPTC isdetermined to contribute several programs in the virtuous Vision 2030 which is the framework to diversify and develop. When it is asked how is that possible or who is the one to help us, I am proud to answer that DPTC makes it possible and DPTC is what they want.

Our Mission

To provide robust and distinctive training that would maneuver and bring the ideas to reality. This would be an epitome to transition oneself from tangled and distressful kind of mind to prevalence, passion and be ambitious intellect.


To be one of the pioneers in next-generation technologies which enables us to breed innovative cadre endowed with skills and endless enthusiasm. More importantly to be a renowned organisation that produces the best human capital in the Middle East.

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